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UKQ Level 3 Diploma in Mechanical Engineering_11zon
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UKQ Level 3 Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

United Kingdom Qualifications (UKQ) Limited will work to become the awarding body of choice for all education and especially in Mechanical Engineering at all levels. To promote education in every field of life and to support professional education, training, and strong employment skills.

What is UKQ level 3 diploma in mechanical engineering?

This qualification covers the advanced knowledge and understanding of the principles, methods and technology involved in mechanical engineering. This course aims to grant students basic work environment abilities for mechanical building, welding and creation. It may be utilized as the primary organize of an apprenticeship or as the basis for encourage preparing. There's a solid centre on exploratory and down to earth methods so you learn to apply your information to genuine industry scenarios. You'll moreover create your expository and problem-solving capacities.

Why to study this Diploma:

This course is planned for individuals who are working in a specialized part inside the building industry and are looking to get a professional capability to bolster their position or to advance inside their association. In case you're a learner or a disciple, this broadly perceived capability prepares you with the knowledge and understanding you would like to create your career in mechanical and fabricating designing.

For who this course belongs to:

  • Skilled workers looking to specialise in mechanical engineering, with the potential to progress to higher education.
  • This course is for students who are interested in a career in Mechanical Engineering.

Course Units:

  • Mechanical Engineering Health and Safety
  • ​Mechanical Engineering Trade Skills
  • ​Mechanical Engineering Measurement
  • ​Mechanical Engineering Materials
  • Engineering principles
  • Design and manufacture
  • Business considerations
  • Electronics
  • CAD
  • Engineering project
  • Employability skills
  • ​Tools and Equipment
  • ​Fitting
  • ​Machining
  • ​Fabrication

Learning Outcomes:

Mechanical building professionals ought to have amazing mechanical building aptitudes, as well as specialized drawing and computer aptitudes for planning machines and equipment. It requires IT, plan and explanatory abilities along with a capacity to conceptualize structures. They must have numeric abilities as math’s is an vital device, an curious and coherent intellect to create associations between thoughts and handle theoretical concepts, imaginative and imaginative thoughts to discover solutions to issues which may require a modern viewpoint, great viable aptitudes to apply math’s and science to genuine issues. Organizing capacity, common sense, capacity to urge on well with individuals of all sorts, capacity to keep calm beneath weight and adaptably to work in a multi-disciplinary region are an resource within the field.

Career pathways:

Mechanical Designing finds applications in all areas of innovation. They may work in numerous businesses counting private or open segment businesses of different sorts, and their work shifts by industry and work. With the fast rate of development within the mechanical segment, the business potential for mechanical engineers is exceptionally tall. Work Showcase is as takes after:

  • Aerospace and Aeronautical Industry / PAF
  • Automotive / Car Industry
  • Nuclear Industry / Atomic Energy Commission
  • Manufacturing Industry (all types of Factories)
  • Railways
  • Marine / Navy
  • Government Sector
  • IT Industry / Mechatronics and Robotics

    United Kingdom Qualifications (UKQ) Limited will work to become the awarding body of choice for all education and especially in SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT at all levels. To promote education in every field of life and to support professional education, training, and strong employment skills.


    This UKQ Level 3 Confirmation in Supply Chain Administration is outlined to prepare you with the vital information and abilities to begin your career in this field. This course covers all the essentials of supply chain administration and presents in a way merely can get it things well.

    Why to study this diploma?

    Supply chain management (SCM) is one of the driving imminent careers within the current world. It permits companies to guarantee a productive and feasible supply of items, from fabricating to consumer’s hands and cutting the costs. As the worldwide buyer advertise is developing quickly, fabricating companies are presently more mindful of guaranteeing superior client fulfilment and capturing advertise. That’s why Supply Chain Administration could be a profoundly wanted calling inside a developing industry.

    Course content:

    • Warehousing Operations
    • Role of Transport
    • The Supply Chain
    • Types of Ports
    • Logistics Services
    • Role of Freight
    • Need and Application of Business Improvement
    • Range of Business
    • Customer Service
    • The Meaning and Importance of Human Resource Management (HRM)
    • Team Development
    • Trade
    • Leaders
    • Lean Techniques
    • Production Planning
    • Road Freight Key Drivers
    • Internal and External Relationships
    • Customs and Excise
    • Environmental issues in manufacturing
    • Components of a MRP System
    • Types of Ports
    • The role of Purchasing and Procurement
    • Legal responsibilities
    • The Role of Purchasing


    Fast track your career with a formal capability in Supply Chain management. This course will give you with the abilities and instruments to ended up a certified supply chain manager and effectively supervise each prepare of the generation stream for your association. Related callings in this field incorporate:

    • Supply Chain Manager
    • Supply Chain Analytics Manager
    • Supply Chain Logistics Assistant
    • Supply Chain Coordinator

    Learning outcomes:

    • Understand the different supply chain groups
    • Get it the advancement of the supply chain and supply chain management
    • Deepen your information of supply chain authoritative structure and the sorts of supply chains
    • Know how to adjust your supply chain with a strong commerce strategy
    • Learn almost Incline strategy and the benefits of a Incline supply chain
    • Learn about supply chain event management
    • Identify the distinctive stages within the cycle of the obtaining process
    • Understand the obtainment instruments required for a advanced organisation
    • Develop trade communication abilities to oversee inner and inner relationships
    • Broaden your understanding of the diverse sorts of stock and the stockroom stock cycle
    • Learn about procurement and inventory management
    • Know how to recognize zones for advancement, make a arrange and actualize changes Develop a clear understanding of supply chain management
    • Understand the key terms of supply chain administration and how they are associated with client satisfaction
    • Demonstrate the capacity to conduct the key, strategic, and operational levels of arranging for supply chain management
    • Learn about sourcing and controlling the flow of products

    Qualification pre-requisites:

    There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification although Centres should ensure that learners have the potential to achieve the qualification unit.

    Future progression:

    By the conclusion of the course, you may be able to adjust your supply chain with a viable business methodology, taking your career to unused statures and boosting your gaining potential. To give adaptable learning, this course is planned for both part-time and full-time understudies.

  • |UKQ Level 3 Diploma in Telecommunication|

    United Kingdom Qualifications (UKQ) Limited will work to become the awarding body of choice for all education and especially in Telecommunication at all levels. To promote education in every field of life and to support professional education, training, and strong employment skills.

    What is UKQ Level 3 Diploma in Telecommunication?

    UKQ Level 3 Diploma in Telecommunication is appropriate for those looking for acknowledgment of their competence inside an assortment of broadcast communications careers and pick up work inside the Telecommunication industry.

    Why to study this Diploma?

    The preparation of this course will provide people a hypothetical information and common sense involvement required within the industry for national framework to work on copper and fibre systems underground and overhead.

    To whom this course belong to?

    This program could be a Confirmation level capability, reasonable for individuals entering a career as a Telecommunication professional.

    Course units:

    • Introduction to Telecommunication
    • Types of Telecommunication
    • Wireless communication
    • Wired communication
    • Satellite communication
    • Mobile communication
    • Digital and Analogue signalling
    • Practical

    Learning outcomes:

    • Plan and introduce gear utilized for transmitting wired phone, cellular, cable and broadband data.
    • Work with copper or fibre optic cabling, complex systems and exchanging systems Maintain computer hardware.
    • Monitor and degree the execution of networks
    • Analyse security of frameworks, arrange, or data.
    • Select the areas for, planning, arranging and introducing modern base stations.
    • Test, troubleshoot and optimize the existing cellular network
    • Diagnose organize and gadget issues and actualize specialized arrangements


    • Co-ordinate and scope media transmission locales whereas overseeing partner and client desires and relationships.
    • Apply secure work hones and meet industry benchmarks when working on broadcast communications systems, counting operation of plant and equipment.
    • Apply information of optical fibre and/or copper hypothesis amid construct, provisioning and repair of the broadcast communications organize to meet industry standards.
    • Install, find, test and benefit fibre and/or copper organize to secure and reestablish the broadcast communications organize.
    • Advanced communication
    • Improved Collaboration
    • Enhanced Flexibility
    • Batter Customer Service
    • Economic booster
    • Encourage Education

    Career opportunities:

    It covers vast areas such as

    • Satellite communications
    • Telephony
    • Internet
    • Optical fibre
    • Mobile communications
    • Data networks
    • Software systems
    • Micro-electronic devices

    Entry requirements:

    • Individual who completed their level 2 diploma in telecommunication.
    • Persons who want to be in a telecommunication field.
    • Learner must be good in English.

    Mode of Study

    • Online Training (Through Zoom )
    • Recorded Training Lectures

    Materials Provided

    Course participants will receive:

    • Study outline
    • Workbooks and practice problems
    • Suggested resources and study aids
    • Past Papers
    • Guidance on areas where you need additional preparation


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