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+923315999937 UKQ Qualification in Qatar


UKQ Level 4 Certificate in Business

United Kingdom Qualifications (UKQ) Limited will work to become the awarding body of choice for all education and especially in business at all levels. To promote education in every field of life and to support professional education, training, and strong employment skills.

What is UKQ Level 4 Certificate in business?

In UKQ Level 4 certificate in business you may create aptitudes in commerce advances, overseeing client needs and input, creating and advancing items and administrations, work wellbeing and security approaches and working as portion of a group.

Who is this course for?

This capability permits the learner to create particular information and competency in trade organization, administration, communicating in a commerce, overseeing data and information, and overseeing self-development. It is additionally valuable for working experts for proceeding proficient advancement (CPD) or advancing to the higher-level course within the same subject region. You'll moreover get exceptions and credit exchange to other capability at the same level, such as Level 4 Recognition in Trade Administration or advance to Level 5 Confirmation in Trade Administration driving to BA Hones Top-Up degree.

Course Content:

  • Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs to meet legislative requirements
  • Administer projects
  • Make a presentation
  • Address customer needs
  • Lead team effectiveness
  • Promote products and services
  • Analyse and present research information
  • Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices
  • Develop work priorities
  • Write complex documents

Learning outcomes:

You may also acquire profitable involvement in making introductions to bunches, regulating ventures, building connections with colleagues and outside partners, creating work needs, and maintainable work hones.

By the end of this course you'll have the capacity to type in complex archives, give arrangements to trade issues and analyse and assess data from an assortment of commerce sectors.


  • Illustrate prove of individual and scholastic development
  • Understand how to communicate successfully within the commerce environment
  • Understand accounting and monetary data to form choices
  • Assess trade operations to create successful methodologies
  • Develop administrative and administration abilities


The Level 4 Certificate in business instructs you to build, oversee and back a trade. You’ll learn to dissect commerce destinations, recognize dangers, utilize hazard appraisal devices, esteem the money related angles of your companies and create your thought into a beneficial wander. Your information will develop with you as you begin your claim company or work with others.

Career Pathways:

  • Administration assistant
  • Office manager
  • Project manager
  • Supervisor


  • The Business Level 4 Certificate is for those who have a keen interest in economics and commerce and want to develop their knowledge.
  • The course is ideal for students who want to understand the basic principles behind commercial law, accounting and risk management, asset management and marketing
  • Successfully complete a minimum level 3 course in business
  • UKQ LEVEL 4 CERTIFICATE IN ACCOUNTING AND BOOKKEEPINGUnited Kingdom Qualifications (UKQ) Limited will work to become the awarding body of choice for all education and especially in accounting and bookkeeping at all levels. To promote education in every field of life and to support professional education, training, and strong employment skills.


    UKQ level 4 certificate in accounting and management will educate you the establishments and abilities to be able to get ready monetary reports, accounts and records, operational budgets and trade movement explanations by applying the specified bookkeeping standards and hones utilized in this developing industry.

    Why to study this certificate:

    You’ll learn a run of bookkeeping abilities, counting how to get ready monetary reports, set up and work a computerised bookkeeping framework, total trade movement and portion action explanations (BAS) and build up and keep up a finance system. You’ll too learn how to be spry and versatile to continuous changes within the money related administrations industry. This course is your venturing stone to getting to be a right hand bookkeeper, account receptionist, bookkeeper or BAS specialist.

    Course Content:

    • Administer subsidiary accounts and ledgers
    • Prepare financial reports
    • Develop and use complex spreadsheets
    • Work effectively in the accounting and bookkeeping industry
    • Introduce cloud computing into business operations
    • Monitor and manage small business operations
    • Establish and maintain payroll systems
    • Complete business activity and instalment activity statements
    • Set up and operate a computerised accounting system
    • Prepare financial statements for non-reporting entities
    • Prepare operational budgets
    • Manage budgets and forecasts

    Learning Outcomes:

    After studying this course, you should be able to:

    • Understand and apply the essential numerical skills required for bookkeeping and accounting
    • Understand and explain the relationship between the accounting equation and double-entry bookkeeping
    • Record transactions in the appropriate ledger accounts using the double-entry bookkeeping system
    • Balance off ledger accounts at the end of an accounting period
    • Prepare a trial balance, balance sheet and a profit and loss account.


    • Make life less demanding for charge time
    • Once you record your charges, you'll require up-to-date money related records specifying your salary and costs
    • Be arranged in case of a review
    • Keep track of your cash stream
    • Create budgetary explanations
    • Catch blunders and extortion.
    • Budgets and spreadsheets
    • Cloud computing
    • Financial accounting
    • BAS and payroll
    • Legal systems and processes
    • Running a small business


    • Plan and create commerce documents
    • Design and deliver spreadsheets
    • Write straightforward documents
    • Perform budgetary calculations
    • Prepare operational budgets

    Career pathways:

    • Bookkeeper
    • Finance officer
    • Senior accounts clerk/officer
    • BAS agent
    • Accounts Administrator
    • Accounts Manager
    • UKQ Level 3 Diploma in Business ManagementUnited Kingdom Qualifications (UKQ) Limited will work to become the awarding body of choice for all education and especially in Business Management at all levels. To promote education in every field of life and to support professional education, training, and strong employment skills.

      What is UKQ Level 3 Diploma in Business Management?

      UKQ Level 3 Diploma in Business Management has been planned to meet the double needs of the understudies for movement into assist ponders and within the working environment. The capability gives a nonexclusive centre of obligatory units that apply to all commerce settings.

      To whom for this course is?

      The students who have completed or close to completed the O-levels/Completed Level 2 are ideally suited to study this qualification. Upon completing this Level 3 diploma, learners can progress to the UKQ Level 4 Diploma in Business Management.

      Course Content:

      • An Introduction to the Business Environment
      • Business Resources
      • An Introduction to Marketing
      • Human Resource Management
      • Business Communication
      • Recruitment and Selection in Business

      Learning outcome:

      • The capacity to examined and utilize fitting writing with a full and basic understanding the capacity to think freely and illuminate problems
      • Applying subject information and understanding to address commonplace and new problems
      • Recognizing the ethical and moral issues of trade hone and inquire about; increasing in value the require for moral benchmarks and proficient codes of conduct
      • An appreciation of the intrigue nature of commerce and benefit provision
      • Capacity to donate a clear and exact account of a subject, in a develop way and lock in in talk about and discourse both with pros and non-
      • To create transferable abilities and knowledge
      • To propel people to advance to assist proficient advancement through future ponder or as portion of their chosen career



      Knowledge and Understanding:

      • An appreciation of the body of information that constitutes a discipline of business.
      • A run of information, realities, speculations, thoughts, properties, materials, wording, hones and methods around and related with business its capacities and its context.
      • Apply information, aptitudes and understanding utilizing a few of the fundamental, schedule hones, strategies to address set circumstances and/or issues related to the commerce administration of organisations.
      • Relating field of trade, capacities of commerce, businesses, and segment to a run of viable and/or commonplace applications.

      Career Opportunities:

      • Banking Sector
      • Finance Sector
      • Real Estate Sector


      • Increment employability
      • Develop essential administration abilities
      • Get a presentation into the trade industry
      • Learn around numerous disciplines
      • Become an business visionary
      • Increase your validity
      • Network with people with comparative interface
      • Obtain a better compensation.

      Future progression:       

      The future for trade management looks shinning indeed within the coming a long time. And the same source demonstrates that business for commerce and budgetary operations employments is anticipated to develop 10% from 2016 to 2026, which is quicker than the normal for all occupations.

      You will be in demand – Having a diploma in business management gives you a competitive edge. It prepares you for a variety of jobs that are often in demand. Even if you decide you no longer want to be a business manager, there are other options available.

      • Investment banking
      • Individual banking
      • Riches administration
      • Bank administration


      Level 3 Diploma in Business Management qualification can be advertised to learners from age 16. UKQ does not indicate section prerequisites for these capabilities, but conveyance centres are required to guarantee that learners conceded to the program have adequate capability at the proper level to embrace the learning and assessment. Centres must guarantee learners are enlisted with astuteness onto fitting capabilities that will:

      • Meet their needs
      • Enable and encourage
      • Learning and achievement
      • Enable progression

      The students who have completed or close to completed the O-levels/Completed Level 2 are ideally suited to study this qualification.

    • UKQ Level 3 Certificate in TravelOutlined to plan you for a future career in a travel organization, aircraft, voyage transport or resort, this travel and tourism course will assist you to create your aptitudes in client benefit and neighbourliness on a worldwide scale.

      What is UKQ Level 3 Certificate in Travel?

      Start your career within the energetic world of travel with this capability. Pick up the abilities to create travel plans for clients, arrange and give tourism schedules and data, organize corporate voyaging plans, and get broad information of worldwide tourism goals and attractions.

      Key points & benefits:

      • Amid this course you may work inside a recreated commerce program.
      • This program offers the opportunity to apply your skills and information to coordinate client bookings as you'd in an industry office.
      • On completion of this course you may be competent in utilizing current industry reservation frameworks and operational technology.

      To whom this course belongs?

      This capability is reasonable for anybody who wishes to work in this industry, including:

      • Travel operators and managers
      • Tour operators
      • Travel agencies
      • Travel retailers
      • Individuals that have dream to travel

      Course Content:

      • Source and use information on the tourism and travel industry
      • Access and interpret product information
      • Provide advice on international destinations
      • Provide advice on Australian destinations
      • Sell tourism products and services
      • Prepare quotations
      • Book supplier products and services
      • Process travel-related documentation
      • Use a computerised reservations or operations system
      • Construct normal international airfares
      • Construct promotional international airfares
      • Provide service to customers
      • Show social and cultural sensitivity
      • Participate in safe work practices

      Learning outcomes:

      • Get it the significance of client service. Understand how to utilize computer innovation in travel.
      • Use pro computer program applications such as Google Maps, Exceed expectations and Outlook.
      • Act professionally at all times, indeed when managing with unpleasant circumstances like cancellations or changing dates.
      • The course points to supply understudies with a comprehensive information of the travel industry, from enrolment and showcasing through to overseeing the business.
      • Plan and book your possess occasions and trips Manage your personal travel arrangements Choose the proper hotels, car contract companies and carriers for you.
      • Understand how to urge from one put to another as well as what to do on the off chance that there's an issue on the way.
      • Learn approximately distinctive sorts of convenience counting inns, lodgings and bed & breakfasts.

      Career Opportunities:

      • Travel expert (household, universal, voyage, corporate, wholesale)
      • Travel deals operator


      • Handle reservations
      • Provide visitor information
      • Use social media in a trade

      Mode of Study

      • Online Training (Through Zoom )
      • Recorded Training Lectures

      Materials Provided

      Course participants will receive:

      • Study outline
      • Workbooks and practice problems
      • Suggested resources and study aids
      • Past Papers
      • Guidance on areas where you need additional preparation

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