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UK Diploma in Physiotherapist Assistant 2 year
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UK Diploma in Physiotherapist Assistant 2 year diploma in Rawalpindi

UK Diploma in Physiotherapist Assistant 2 year

Physiotherapy assistants make a difference to the lives of our patients every day by helping them recover from a range of illnesses and conditions. It is also a route to becoming a physiotherapist. "We guide groups of people through exercises and relaxation techniques to help them manage chronic pain.

What is UK Diploma in Physiotherapist Assistant 2 year?

UK Physiotherapist Assistant is a two-year Diploma program. The program prepares students to work under the direction of occupational therapists and/or physiotherapists to support the therapeutic assessment, treatment and care of clients.

Course Content:

  • Physical appraisal of patients to utilize an assortment of symptomatic tests and procedures.
  • Physiotherapy treatment for musculoskeletal and neuropathic torment, palliative care and rehabilitation.
  • Assessment and conclusion of common wellbeing, counting dietetic assessment. Diagnosis and administration of common conditions such as intense issues, short-term conditions, long-term conditions and incessant conditions.
  • Theory in fundamental life systems and physiology relating to the anxious framework, muscle work and development, development disarranges, pose and physical assessments.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Communicate fittingly and viably, through verbal, nonverbal, composed and electronic implies, with clients, their noteworthy others, word related advisors, physiotherapists, and individuals of the intrigue wellbeing care group and others.
  • Participate within the successful working of intrigue wellbeing care groups to optimize client physical and word related functions.
  • Establish, create, keep up, and conclude client-centre, restorative relationships;
  • Promote a secure environment that anticipates or minimizes potential physical or mental hurt to the client, advisor collaborator and others.
  • Practice in a lawful, moral, and proficient way inside the part of an advisor assistant; Document client records in an exhaustive, objective, exact, and convenient way inside the part of the advisor assistant.
  • Engage in intelligent hone and ongoing professional improvement exercises to preserve and upgrade competence.
  • Perform the parts and duties of the advisor right hand viably through the application of pertinent information of wellbeing sciences, psychosocial sciences, wellbeing conditions, asset administration, and clinical procedures.
  • Contribute to the word related therapist's or physiotherapist's appraisal of the client and the improvement, execution and adjustment of intervention/treatment plans.
  • Maximize the client’s word related execution by precisely and securely executing the intercessions, and related errands beneath the course and supervision of the word related therapist.
  • Maximize the client’s physical work by precisely and securely actualizing the intercessions, and related errands beneath the heading and supervision of the physiotherapist.
  • Manage time and prioritize competing requests in collaboration with word related specialists and physiotherapists.
  • Use information and impact dependably inside the assistant’s part to advance the wellbeing and well-being of individual, clients, communities and population.

Basic Duties of Physiotherapist Assistant:

  • Making a difference patients recuperate from mischance, ailment or injury.
  • Organising helpful physical work out sessions.
  • Providing massages.
  • Using pro methods such as electrotherapy and ultrasound.
  • Collecting statistics.
  • Writing reports.
  • Liaising with experts such as specialists and medical caretakers.


Physiotherapist collaborators work in private health hones or healing centres giving physiotherapy treatment to patients with musculoskeletal or neurological issues. They may moreover work in community administrations giving help to individuals who are not able to go to clinic due to their age or inability.

Future Progression:

With experience you could become self-employed and set up your own practice. You could progress to senior physiotherapist or move into health service management. You could also specialise in an area like orthopaedics, sports therapy, occupational health, or working with older people or children.

Delivery Mode:

  • Online (Zoom, Skype other Online Sources)
  • Distance Learning

Mode of Exam:

  • Assessment Based
  • Practical Experience

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UK Diploma in Physiotherapist Assistant 2 year diploma in Rawalpindi 0 reviews

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